3 Reasons to Get Your Tattoo at Inksanity

Explore custom tattoos in Rome, New York.

Are you planning to get a tattoo? Here are three reasons to visit Inksanity Tattoo Studio in Rome, New York:

1. Custom designs

At Inksanity Tattoo Studio, we believe people deserve unique and beautiful tattoos. That's why, since the day we opened the doors of our New York studio, our artist has strived to provide custom designs. Whether you're planning a small piece or a large one, you can count on our artist to create something special for you.

Our artist can tattoo in any style, including:




2. Cover-ups

Are you suffering from tattoo regret? Visit Inksanity Tattoo Studio in Rome, NY to explore your options for a tattoo cover-up. Our artist can:

  • Cover up your old, ugly ink.
  • Correct your fading or flawed tattoo.
  • Turn your design into something better.

3. Big pieces

Inksanity Tattoo Studio's artist doesn't shy away from big tattoo projects. If you want a 100% custom tattoo sleeve, you won't find a better studio in the Rome, New York area.

Call 315-617-3888 to schedule your tattoo consultation. Our artist charges by the piece or the hour. Your personal ID and a $50 deposit are required for all tattoo appointments.

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