Who Says Black and Gray Can't Stand Out?

Who Says Black and Gray Can't Stand Out?

Visit one of Rome, NY’s finest tattoo shops

Do you have a message or image you’d like to carry with you forever?

Would you like to separate yourself from the crowd with your own unique style?

Schedule a tattoo appointment at Inksanity Tattoo Studio. Our tattoo artist is one of the area’s best. He’ll design something totally unique for you. You’ll be amazed by the custom designs and distinctive ideas he can bring to the table. Whether you’re looking for a large piece or small accent tattoo, you’re going to love your experience at our New York shop.

A black and gray tattoo is a great starter tattoo or an addition to your existing collection.  Shading is an important component with black and gray tattoos, it allows the tattoo to stand out over years.  Our artist at Inksanity has the experience and skill level to create your desired image.

Our artist can tattoo in any style, including:

  • Color
  • Black and gray
  • Watercolor
  • Classic
  • Tribal
  • Photo realistic

He can do cover-ups and corrective touch-ups, too.

Our Rome, NY shop makes the process simple

Inksanity Tattoo Studio makes it easy to get the ink you’ve been dreaming about. Your personal ID and a $20 deposit are required for all tattoo appointments. Our artist charges by the piece or the hour. Call 315-617-3888 to book an appointment.