Wear Your Ink Proudly

Wear Your Ink Proudly

Add Some Color to Your Life with Inksanity in Rome, NY

Your imagination is our reality. You may have already chosen the design or image for your tattoo or you may not be sure what you want. Either way, Alex with Inksanity can design something new or work off a photo. If you are new to tattooing, discuss your color choices with your professional tattoo artist at Inksanity. We have the knowledge and years of experience to know what will look good with your choice of design and your skin tone.

Make an appointment at Inksanity Tattoo Studio. Our tattoo artist is known for his artistic vision and custom designs. He’ll take your ideas and create something beautiful and unique.

Our artist can tattoo in any style, including:

  • Color
  • Black and gray
  • Watercolor
  • Classic
  • Tribal
  • Photo realistic 

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Design a custom tattoo sleeve at our Rome, NY shop

Do you want to take your personal look to the next level? Would you like to collaborate with a tattoo artist who knows how to design big, cohesive pieces?

 If you’re interested in a tattoo sleeve, you won’t find a better artist in the region.

Tattoo sleeves from our artist:

  • Take between 25 and 50 hours to complete.
  • Require lots of dedication and patience.
  • Will look amazing for years to come.

Start your custom sleeve in Rome, NY

Let the artist at Inksanity Tattoo Studio create a custom plan for your tattoo sleeve. Your personal ID and a $20 deposit are required for all tattoo appointments. Our artist charges by the piece or the hour. Call 315-617-3888 to schedule your consultation.